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48 Britsh and American Songs

Schulbuch der DDR


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003 Preface
Songs for peace and equal rights
06/77 The Internationale
08/77 Join in the fight
09/77We shall overcome
10/78 The ink is black
12/78 John Brown’s body
14/79 The Family of Man
16/79 Blowing in the Wind
18/79 The Hammer Song
20/80 The H-bomb’s thunder
22/80 Ban the Bomb
Union songs
23/81 Hold the fort
24/81 What We want
26/81 Joe Hill
28/82 I don’t Want your millions mister
29/82 Sixteen tons
30/83 Roll the union on
32/83 We shall not be moved
Historical songs
33/84 Song of the Wage slave
34/84 Song of the Western Men
36/85 Down by the riverside
38/85 When the saints go marching in

Popular songs and folksongs
40/85 My bonnie is over the ocean
41/86 Good-night ladies

42/86 All through the night
43/86 Auld lang syne
44/87 The Wearing of the green
46/87 Loch Lomond
47/88 Marching through Georgia
48/88 Billy Boy
49/88 Rio Grande
50/89 Sacramento
52/89 Clementine
54/90 Oh Susanna
56/90 Home on the range
58/90 My old Kentucky home
60/91 Old folks at home
62/91 Deck the hall
64/92 Jingle bells
66/92 White Christmas
Children’s songs
68/92 For hes a jolly good fellow
68      Happy birthday
69/93 The children of far distant lands
70/93 She’ll be coming round the mountain
72/93 London’s burning
72/93 Row your boat
Humorous songs and cumulative songs
73/94 Michael Finnigin
74 94 The old lady who swallowed a fly
76/94 One man went to mow

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