Songs of many Lands

Alphabetical Index

Title                                      Poet                                Composer                    Page

All through the Night               Sir Harald Boulton              David Owen                     184

All the World                          Ethel Crowninshield           Ruth McConn Spencer       48

Alpine Shepherds (O du liabs)  Frances Ford                    Swiss Folk Song              105

America                                 S. F. Smith                       Henry Carey                    182

April Theodosia                       Garrison                           Bainbridge Crist               128

At the Fireplace                      Rose Fyleman                   Hungarian Folk Song         69

At the Pasture Bars                Susanna Myers                 French Folk Song              21

Attic, The                               G. A. Grant-Schaefer         G. A. Grant-Schaefer       164

Autumn Wind                         Christine T. Curtis              Margaret K. Fowler            20

Bamboo Screen, The               Christine T. Curtis              Japanese Folk Song         39

Bell Ringer, The                      Frances Ford                     French-Canadian Folk S.   58

Bell Song                               Eleanor Farjeon                 Polish Folk Tune             176

Below and Above                    Marchette G. Chute            Theo Halle                        17

Bluebells and Fairies               Rose Fyleman                   Mary B Black                   68

Boasting                                Louise Kessler                   Hungarian Folk Tune         22

Boating                                  Maud W. Niedermeyer        Yugoslavian Folk Tune     137

Bold Hunter, The                     Cecil Cowdrey                   Austrian Folk Song          164

Brook, The                             Ethel Crowninshield            Czech Folk Tune               61

Broom and the Shovel, The      Edward Lear                      Frederic Daly                    70

Bumblebee, A                         Fanny G. Pheatt                Fanny G. Pheatt             181

By the Stream                        Frances Ford                     Yugoslavian Folk Tune     175

By Sweet Waters                   Christine T Curtis               Hassler-Bach                    65

Cake, The                              Laura E Richards               Polish Folk Song              90

Castle by the Sea                   Louise Kessler                   Spanish Folk Tune            53

Cherry Blossoms                    Cecil Cowdrey                   Mary B. Black                  47

Chimney Sweep, The              Carol Fuller                        Italian Folk Song             135

Choosing                                Cecil Cowdrey                   Yugoslavian Folk Song    115

Christmas                               M. Louise Baum                W. A. Mozart                   86

Christmas Eve                        Ethel Crowninshield            Bohemian-Czech Folk T.   84

Christmas is Corning               Rose Fyleman                   Polish Folk Song              82

Christmas Song, A                  Louise Kessler                  German Folk Tune            85

Cobweb Cradles                      Clara Edwards                   Clara Edwards                127

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Title                                      Poet                                 Composer                   Page

Counting Sheep                      Elizabeth C. Taylor             Swedish Folk Tune         173

Crickets for Luck                     Carol Fuller                        Italian Folk Song            132

Dame Hilda                            Christine T. Curtis               Dutch Folk Tune             107

Day Dreams                           Marjorie Knapp                   W. A. Mozart                 104

Deserted Farm, The                Carol Fuller                        Robert Schumann           112

Dick Whittington                     Ethel Crowninshield            Welsh Folk Tune            100

Down the Road                       Marjorie Knapp                   Polish Folk Tune            110

Evening and Morning               Marjorie Knapp                   Jean J Rousseau             56

Fireman                                  Ethel Crowninshield           Ethel Crowninshield          92

Fisherman's Song                   Blanche J Thompson          Finnish Folk Tune             90

Fisherman's Wife, The             Hannah Bailey                   Danish Folk Song           132

Flag, The                                Lucy K Milburn                  Swedish Folk Tune         145

Flower Girl, The                       Cecil Cowdrey                   Italian Folk Tune              28

Flower Seeds                          Frederick H Martens          German Folk Tune          119

For the Beauty of the Earth       F. S. Pierpont                   Arr. from Conrad Kocher  184

Fountain, The                          Marjorie Knapp                  Lily Strickland                141

Freckles                                 Rachel L. Field                  Mary Root Kern                72

Friendly Toad, The                   James Dyrenforth              Russian Folk Tune            46

Gardening                               Lois Lenski                       J. H. G. Nägeli                156

Gavotte, The                           Frederick H. Martens          Jean Philippe Rameau      62

God is Everywhere                  Hannah Bailey                    Italian Folk Tune            155

Golden September                  Ethel Crowninshield             Robert W. Gibb               23

Gratitude                                M. A. L. Lane                     Robert Schumann           162

Guardians, The                       Margaret Widdemer            Robert Schumann           148

Gypsy, The                            Carol Fuller                        Spanish Folk Tune            41

Hardy Northman, The              Cecil Cowdrey                    Norwegian Folk Song      152

Harp of the Winds, The            Marjorie Knapp                  Theo Halle                      158

Harvest Dance                        Frederick H. Martens          Polish Folk Tune              79

Haymakers, The                      Marjorie Knapp                  Ukrainian Folk Tune        142

Herdboy, The                          Blanche J .Thompson         Swiss Folk Tune             101

Heroes                                   Nellie Poorman                  Hungarian Folk Tune         99

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Title                                      Poet                                 Composer                   Page

Hi Yi                                      Marjorie Knapp                  Hungarian Folk Song         93

Hiking Song                            Frederick H. Martens         German Folk Tune             81

Holiday                                   Sigmund Spaeth               Danish Folk Tune              89

HousefuI, A                             Marjorie Knapp                  Heien T. Witherow            30

Hungarian Dance                     Blanche J. Thompson         Hungarian Folk Song        66

Hymn of Praise                       Caroline A. Mason              Herbert S Irans               186

If I Had Wings                         Christine T. Curtis              Lily Strickland                  12

In October                              Louise Kessler                   Yugoslavian Folk Tune      57

In Rome                                 Marchette G. Chute            Italian Folk Tune               98

Indian Brave, The                     Virginia L Hartley               American Indian Melody   114

Indian Lullaby                          Moiselle Renstrom             Moiselle Renstrom            97

Jack-o’-lantern                        Virginia L Hartley                Swedish Folk Tune           24

Jane Jess Jollander                 Rose Fyleman                   Hungarian Folk Tune         87

Juliska                                   Carol Fuller                        Hungarian Folk Tune       126

Just Suppose                          Mabel Livingstone              Jacques Wolfe                109

Lace Maker, The                     Mary C. Gleitz                   French-Canadian Folk T.    50

Laughing Lisa                         Christine T. Curtis              French-Canadian Folk S.  111

Left or Right                            Lotiise Ayres Garnett         Polish Folk Tune               66

Let's Be Merry                        Rose Fyleman ,                 Belgian Folk Tune               9

Little Fanner, The                    American Traditional           American Traditional         15

Little Gobbelin                        Rose Fyleman                    Danish Folk Tune             45

Little Lady Rose                      Christine T. Curtis              Polish Folk Song            149

Little Ship                               Hope Ann Rhodes              Norwegian Folk Tune        78

Little Turtle, The                      Vachel Lindsay                  Melba K. Loughlin           102

Living Out of Doors                  Mary C Gleitz                    Hungarian Folk Song         40

Lonely Castle, The                  Nancy Byrd Turner             Spanish Folk Tune            63

Magie                                    Frances Ford                     Czech Folk Tune             161

Making Songs                        Louise Ayres                     Garnett Mary B: Black       59

Man in the Moon, The              Old Rhyme                        Geoffrey O'Hara              130

Marching Song                       Rose Fyleman                   Danish Folk Tune            134

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Title                                      Poet                                 Composer                   Page

Marching Together                  Louise Ayres Garnett         Swiss Folk Song             114

Market Day                            Nancy Byrd Turner             Thuringian Folk Tune         74

May Breezes                          Susanna Myers                 Danish Melody                124

May Queen, The                     Marchette G. Chute            Bohemian Folk Tune       163

Merry-go-round, The                Susanna Myers                 Belgian Folk Tune             10

Merrymaking                          Christine T. Curtis              Italian Folk Song             140

Moon, The (Guter Mond)          Rose Fyleman                   German Folk Tune          151

Moon of Silver White               Christine T. Curtis              Franz Schubert               160

Morning Hyran                        Anonymous                       Robert W. Gibb                95

Mouser, The                           Frances Ford                     Austrian Folk Song         156

Mowing the Barley                  Adapted                            English Folk Song            25

Music                                    Louise Kessler                   Danish Folk Tune             96

My Garden (Will ich in m.)       Marchette G. Chute            German Folk Tune           71

My Garden Sleeps                  Louise Kessler                   French Folk Tune             56

My Top                                  Mary C Gleitz                    Wendish Folk Tune         104

Never a Sound                        Rose Fyleman                   Hungarian Folk Tune         52

Night in the Desert                  Kate Formen                     Arabian Folk Song            33

Old Garden, An                       Margaret Widdemer            Basque Folk Tune           32

On the Baltic                          Christine T. Curtis              Estonian Folk Song        171

On Memorial Day                    Carol Fuller                        E. Meyer-Helmund         170

On the Merry-go-round             Carol Füller                        German Folk Song        116

On the Mountain                     Rose Fyleman                   Norwegian Folk Song      112

Our Land                                Ethel Crowninshield            Bulgarian Folk Song       130

Our Trip                                  Rebecca Foresman            Dutch Folk Tune              26

Peaceful Night                        Traditional                         Traditional                        84

Pipers of Balmoral, The           Marjorie Knapp Scotch       Folk Song                      122

Play Ball                                Morris Carter                      English Folk Tune           185

Playing Cowboys                    Mary C. Gleitz                    Polish Folk Tune              16

Poodle-Noodle Nonsense        Rose Fyleman                    Norwegian Folk Tune         11

Queer Business, A                 Rose Fyleman                    Bohemian Folk Tune         27

Queer Facts                           Mabel Livingstone               MartO'Zucca                   120

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Title                                      Poet                                 Composer                   Page

Quiet Night                             Susanna Myers                  Spanish Folk Tune          118

Riding through the Snow          Louise Ayres Garnett          Russian Folk Tune           80

Roland's Call                          Philip Muzzy                      French-Canadian Folk S. 172

The Ball of the Seasons          Marjorie Knapp                   French Folk Song            185

Round: The Hillside                 Marjorie Knapp                   French-Canadian Folk T.  186

Sailor, The                              Rose Fyleman                   English Chantey               13

Sawmill, The (Es,es,es)           Josephine Royle                German Folk Tune           121

Scarecrow, The                       Lois Lenski                        Polish Folk Tune              21

Scissors-Grinder, The              Rachel L. Field                   Mary Root Kern                64

See What Grace (Ave Verum)  Translated                          Christoph W. Gluck          50

Shadows                                Louise Ayres Garnett          Polish Folk Tune             139

Shopping                                Anne White                       Russian Folk Melody       167

Silver Rain                              Frances Ford                     Newton Swift                   148

Singing                                  Susanna Myers                  Swedish Folk Tune            35

Singing, We Go                      Rose Fyleman                    Ludwig van Beethoven       30

Skating                                  Cecil Cowdrey                    Jacques Offenbach         126

Sleepy Song, A                       Laura E Richards               Swedish Folk Song         180

Slumber Song (Wiegenlie)        Karl Simrock                      Johannes Brahms          174

Smiling Little Lass, The           Ethel Crowninshield             Irish Folk Tune                 37

Snow Time                             Lucy K. Milburn                   Russian Folk Tune           77

Song before Christmas (Nikolaus) Cedl Cowdrey                 German Folk Song           83

Song of the Miners                  Beatrice Wadhams              Polish Folk Tune             75

Spring Fever                           Eleanor Farjeon                   Irish Folk Tune                 60

Spring Messengers                 Clara Louise Kessler           Russian Folk Tune          125

Spring Plowing                        Louise Ayres Garnett          Polish Folk Song            116

Star-Spangled Banner, The      Francis Scott Key               John Stafford Smith        183

Stories of Travel                      Louise Ayres Garnett          Czechoslovakian Folk T.   18

Storm Winds, The                   Christine T. Curtis               Heien S. Leavitt              136

Summer Afternoon                  Anne White                        Hungarian Folk Melody    179

Summer Picture, A                  Ethel Crowninshield            Chinese Folk Tune           36

Summer Song, A                    Kathleen Malone                 Jacques Offenbach         174

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Title                                      Poet                                 Composer                   Page

Summertime                           Mabel Livingstone               Victor Young                  147

Sunday Morning                      Marchette G. Chute            German Folk Song          150

Sung at Harvest Time              Christine T. Curtis               Inca Melody                     42

Sunny Italy                             Christine T. Curtis               Giovanni Donizetti            36

Sunny Naples                         Nellie Poorman                   Italian Folk Song            138

Sunset                                   Edith Robbins                     Helen S. Leavitt              150

Suppose                                 Nellie Poorman                   Austrian Folk Tune           44

Tea Party Talk                         D. E. Wheeler                    Victor Young                  178

Thanksgiving Day                     Marjorie Knapp                   Robert W. Gibb               76

Three Ponies                           Eleanor Farjeon                  Danish Folk Song            73

Tram Ride, The                        Christine T. Curtis               Italian Folk Song            129

Traveling                                 Susanna Myers                  Danish Folk Tune            143

Troopers, The                          Frances Ford                      Austrian Folk Tune         154

Venetian Waters                      Christine T. Curtis               Italian Melody                  54

Vesper Bells                           Christine T. Curtis               German Folk Song           94

Village Talk                             Christine T. Curtis               Polish Folk Song           154

Visitor, The                             Mabel Livingstone               Mana-Zucca                   146

Warm Boots                            Philip Muzzy                     Russian Folk Tune          108

Warning, The                           Clara Louise Kessler           Hungarian Folk Tune      178

Water Wheel, The                    W. A. L. Lane                     Viennese Melody           168

Weaving                                  Cecil Cowdrey                    Lettish Folk Song          133

Westward                               D. N, Lehmer Collection      Chippewa Air                  144

What Will You Do?                  Susanna Myers                  French-Canadian Folk T.   34

When I am a Man                    Harvey Officer                     Danish Folk Tune           103

Where Music Grows                Carol Fuller                        Ludwig van Beethoven     167

Whirligig                                 Louise Ayres Garnett          Fr. Frischenschlager         88

Whistle                                   Victor Young                      Victor Young                  169

Who'll Buy?                             Eleanor Farjeon                  Polish Folk Tune            118

Wild Winds                             Philip Muzzy                      Yugoslavian Folk Tune    166

Wind, The                               Caroline A. Mason              Sigmund Spaeth              94

Woodcutter, The                      Luther Wilde                       Frances McCollin            14

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