Boogie and Blues

für Klavier


56 Another Shade of Blue          (Denes Agay)
60 Ballad Improvisation              (Denes Agay)
18 Bill Bailey Rag (Hughie Cannon, G. Martin)
40 Blue Waltz                               (Denes Agay)
03 Blues No. 1                            (Gerald Martin)

32 Blues In C                              (Gerald Martin)
04 Boogie No. 1                         (Gerald Martin)
44 The Cotton Mill Blues    (Arr. Gerald Martin)
52 Dark-Eyed Boogie                (Gerald Martin)
12 Deep Blue Sea Boogie        (Gerald Martin)
16 Good Night Boogie               (Gerald Martin)
62 Honky-Tonky                          (Gerald Martin)
20 Hot And Code                       (Gerald Martin)
05 House Of The Rising Sun   (trad/Arr Martin)
46 Jazz Ostinato                         (Gerald Martin)

27 The Lonesome Road     (trad/Arr G. Martin)
34 Meet Frankie And Johnny    (Gerald Martin)

30 Moonshine Sonata                             Gerald Martin)

     = Real Old Mountain Dew

06 Old Joe Clarks Boogie                     (Gerald Martin)
14 One-Track Toccata                           (Gerald Martin)

22 The Rock Island Line                  (arr. Gerald Martin)
10 Rolling Stone                                      (Gerald Martin)
48 Safari                                                    (Denes Agay)
24 Sailors Boogie                                   (Gerald Martin)

     mit The drunken Sailor, Blow the Man down
51 Saint James Infirmary Blues             (Gerald Martin)
37 Spiritual Boogie  mit No Hiding Place,

     Somebody's knockin At Your Door  (Gerald Martin)
42 Swingin Molly                                     (Gerald Martin)
28 Timber                                          (arr. Gerald Martin)
58 Walkin In The Rain                             (Gerald Martin)
36 Whistling The Blues                           (Gerald Martin)
08 Worried Man Blues            (trad. Arr. Gerald Martin)

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